Roads and Maritime Services cleans up for graffiti removal day

20 October 2015

Graffiti has been removed from four locations along the M4 Motorway in support of Graffiti Removal Day held on Sunday 18 October.

A Roads and Maritime Services spokesperson said about $100,000 each year is spent on removing graffiti from road assets in Sydney.

“Our roads are one of the state’s most important assets and it is disappointing to see a minority in the community are risking their safety to vandalise noise walls, concrete barriers and other structures along roads,” the spokesperson said.

“Graffiti tags are often found in dangerous places close to fast moving traffic – this is a hazard not only to the perpetrator but also road users.

“Roads and Maritime has removed graffiti from four locations along the M4 to improve the amenity of one of the state’s most popular corridors.

“Drivers do not want to be staring at profanities and other inappropriate messages while navigating peak travel times.

“The sound barriers have been cleaned between Colemans Street and Woodville Road at Mays Hill and between Mulgoa Road and Mamre Road from Penrith to St Marys.

“The bridge columns have also been cleaned at the intersection of Mamre Road and the M4 Motorway as well as the speed limit signs between Mamre Road and the M7 Motorway at St Marys.

“ Roads and Maritime uses a number of design techniques to reduce the opportunities for vandals.

“Anti-graffiti coatings are used on assets which may be accessible to vandalism and surveillance may be in place to further deter illegal acts.

“Where possible, vegetation is used to form a screen and prevent access to surfaces which may be vandalised.

“Murals and concrete walls with textures and images are also strategically placed to reduce the risk of graffiti.”

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