Western Sydney Infrastructure Plan consultation report released

28 October 2015

A community consultation report has been released detailing stakeholder and community feedback on four of the major project stages in the Australian and NSW government funded $3.6 billion Western Sydney Infrastructure Plan.

“The Australian and NSW governments are funding a multi-billion dollar roads package for western Sydney to provide essential road improvements for one of Australia’s fastest growing regions, before the new airport opens at Badgerys Creek in the mid 20s,” A Roads and Maritime spokesperson said.

“Almost 300 submissions from stakeholders and the community were received for the four projects to be progressively rolled out over the next 10 years, providing a massive boost to the western Sydney economy.

“As part of consultation, information was distributed to around 47,000 homes and businesses, we visited almost 600 properties to talk to the community about our plans and more than 1000 people attended six community information sessions.

“The Western Sydney Infrastructure Plan interactive web portal, launched in July, provides another avenue for the community to learn about the upgrades, which has already been visited by around 3,700 people.

“This highlights the high level of interest in these key investments which will provide increased road capacity to meet the needs of the growing population of around 300,000 people in the south west and western Sydney priority growth areas, and more than 57,000 jobs over the next 30 years near the western Sydney airport.

“Community consultation was carried out for the M12 Motorway study area, the preliminary design and access strategy for The Northern Road upgrade stage 3, route options for The Northern Road Upgrade stage 4 and the preferred alignment for The Northern Road and Bringelly Road Interchange.

“Feedback was received on a range of issues including property acquisition and access, environmental impacts, noise and air quality, traffic management, road safety, pedestrian and cyclist facilities and potential impacts on local businesses and residents.

“Other feedback provided included preferred route options, design recommendations, and public transport options.

“Community consultation for The Northern Road Upgrade Stage 4 included visiting each property along the four potential routes to talk to property owners about the plans. As a result of community feedback and studies carried out along all four route options, a preferred route will be announced shortly.

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“The feedback and comments received from stakeholders and the community will be considered and help with the planning and implementation of these projects.

“Thank you to everyone who provided important feedback on these major projects that will have significant benefits for local communities as the stages of work move into construction.

“Roads and Maritime Services will continue to keep the community informed as work on the project progresses.”

To view the full report visit www.rms.nsw.gov.au/wsip

ROADS AND MARITIME SERVICES MEDIA UNIT 8588 5999 or media@rms.nsw.gov.au

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