Robotic bridge inspector awarded best solution to workplace health and safety

29 October 2015

Roads and Maritime Services has been recognised for excellence in work place health and safety after being awarded the Safe Work NSW Award last night for ‘Best solution for an identified workplace health and safety issue’.

A Roads and Maritime spokesperson said it’s all thanks to a robot which was designed to improve workers safety by climbing to inspect the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The award winning robot, known as CROC, is the result of six years collaborative research and development between Roads and Maritime and researchers at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS).

“Roads and Maritime approached UTS to jointly develop the robotic system for steel bridge inspection to reduce the risk to bridge workers and improve health and safety,” the spokesperson said.

“From this development, CROC was born and it’s a huge achievement to win this award and be recognised for improving worker safety.

“Entries had to include a product solution, engineering innovation or risk control measure which reduces the risk of work related injury and illness.

“CROC is a fully autonomous robot with seven degrees of freedom complete with a 3D sensor and high definition camera designed to automatically explore complex environments like the interior of the box girder arches of the Harbour Bridge.

“CROC can plan its own path using maps generated from its 3D sensor while gathering high definition images. The images are then collected and stored into a Geographic Information System (GIS) to help inspectors assess bridge conditions.

“Its autonomous function means the robot can help the Roads and Maritime maintenance team to protect and preserve the intricate steelwork on the world’s tallest and widest steel arch bridge to improve bridge worker safety and productivity.”

More information on the Safe Work Awards can be found at or for more information on the maintenance of the Sydney Harbour Bridge visit


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