Roads and Maritime Services welcomes clean up notice for Alexandria landfill site

11 November 2015

Roads and Maritime Services welcomes the NSW Environment Protection Authority’s (EPA) issuing of a clean-up notice for Stockpile 21 at the Alexandria Landfill site, the proposed site for the St Peters Interchange which forms part of Stage 2 of WestConnex.

The EPA had historically issued similar clean-up notices to the former owner of the site. These notices were still outstanding when the government took ownership of the landfill site in December last year.

The clean-up notice reinforces the importance of the clean-up under way at the landfill site.

It formalises a process for the clean-up of Stockpile 21, and requires Roads and Maritime to provide a final report to the EPA on the material and volumes removed by 6 May next year. The report will include a proposal to safely manage any remaining stockpile material either on or off the site.

Closure of the landfill will only happen if and when Stage 2 of WestConnex, the New M5 project, receives planning approval.

The Environmental Impact Statement for Stage 2, including the St Peters Interchange on the Alexandria Landfill site, will be on public display soon.

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