Placement of election material on public assets

12 May 2016

Roads and Maritime Services does not permit any election material on its infrastructure, including roads, bridges, road structures, traffic control lights, traffic and speed signs, or any other traffic control devices.

It is an offence under section 123 of the Road Transport Act 2013 to interfere, without authority, with a prescribed traffic control device (for example, traffic signs and traffic lights).

Roads and Maritime strongly discourages placing election materials within public road reserves (which includes the council verge and footpath area, whether or not approval is sought from the local council, as this may create a safety hazard for road users. Roads and Maritime will use its statutory powers to direct removal of (or itself remove) election materials that it considers are traffic hazards on public road reserves (including the council verge) or adjoining land.

Where material is an immediate or high level risk to traffic users, or removal by a member of the public is dangerous, or where an owner fails to remove material where directed, Roads and Maritime may remove the material itself.

Roads and Maritime will store any material removed in a secure location and notify the owner for it to be collected. Roads and Maritime reserves the right to seeks costs of removal and storage from the owner.

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