Community consultation reports now online for proposed Mona Vale Road and Forest Way intersection improvements

16 AUGUST 2017

Planning is progressing with community consultation reports now available for proposed improvements at the intersections of Mona Vale Road and Forest Way as well as Garigal Road and Forest Way at Terrey Hills.

A Roads and Maritime Services spokesperson said the NSW Government is funding these projects as part of the $300 million Urban Roads Pinch Point Program and the $225 million Pinch Point Program which aims to reduce congestion and improve travel times on Sydney’s busiest road corridors.

“With more than 52,000 vehicles travelling through the intersection of Mona Vale Road and Forest Way each day, the proposed improvements will reduce congestion and improve safety for motorists,” the spokesperson said.

“The proposed improvements at the intersection of Forest Way and Garigal Road will reduce congestion by widening the existing median to allow for an additional northbound lane on Forest Way as well as building a traffic island on the south-western side of the intersection to allow for a northbound left slip lane from Forest Way into Garigal Road.

“A zebra crossing will be installed from the new traffic island to the southern side of Garigal Road as well as a ‘turn left at any time with care’ sign on Forest Way to improve safety for motorists and pedestrians.”

The spokesperson said the improvements at the intersection of Mona Vale Road and Forest Way would include widening the existing medians on both sides of Mona Vale Road to allow for an extended right turn bay onto Forest Way and an additional westbound through lane on Mona Vale Road as well as making changes to the existing slip lane on Mona Vale Road just west of Forest Way to allow for three through lanes.

“By providing additional capacity westbound on Mona Vale Road, motorists travelling through the intersection will experience a travel time saving of around 12.2 seconds per journey which equals around 19 hours per day back to the economy,” the spokesperson said.

“The existing left turn slip lane from Mona Vale Road on to Forest Way would be modified to build a new traffic island and dedicated cycle lane as well as a ‘turn left at any time with care’ sign on Mona Vale Road and Forest Way to improve safety for motorists and pedestrians.

“These intersection improvements will improve overall efficiency and reduce queue lengths in peak periods as well as mitigating the incidence of rear-end and lane change crashes.”

The spokesperson said Roads and Maritime invited comments on the proposed intersection improvements in May this year and received submissions regarding the Mona Vale Road at Forest Way intersection  from 85 people and submissions regarding the Forest Way at Garigal Road intersection from 60 people, including one council, one member for parliament and two community groups.

“The main comments received include the removal of a northbound acceleration lane on Forest Way, the left turn from Mona Vale Road into Forest Way, the relocation of the existing northbound bus bay on Forest Way and suggested alternative improvements to Garigal Road,” the spokesperson said.

“The community and stakeholders are thanked for taking the time to provide feedback.

“All comments and feedback provided by the community and stakeholders have been carefully considered and the proposals will go ahead unchanged.”

Work on the improvements is expected to start later this year.

For the latest information and to view the community consultation report visit  

Media: Roads and Maritime Services Media Unit 9462 6299

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