Improvements on the way for Lyons Road between Five Dock and Drummoyne

4 December 2017

Motorists will soon be able to enjoy a smoother journey along Lyons Road with a number of improvements under way along the busy stretch of road through Sydney’s inner west.

A Roads and Maritime Services spokesperson said new clearways will soon be introduced to improve traffic for motorists who travel along the key corridor between Five Dock and Drummoyne.

The clearways are part of the NSW Government’s $121 million Clearways Program, which aims to reduce delays and congestion by maximising use of existing road space.

“Introducing clearways on this key transport corridor through the inner west will reduce congestion for motorists and improve journey reliability,” the spokesperson said.

“This important corridor provides direct access to Victoria Road at Drummoyne as well as eateries and other services including veterinary hospitals and medical centres.

“Clearways on Lyons Road from Great North Road at Five Dock and Victoria Road at Drummoyne will help traffic flow by restricting parking and allowing vehicles to be towed from these areas if they stop illegally or breakdown.

“Implementing the clearways will ensure all lanes are available to traffic during clearway hours.”
The spokesperson said in addition to the clearways, ‘No Stopping’ restrictions would be introduced at certain locations between Thompson and Lithgow streets.

“’No Stopping’ restrictions would be put in place to allow vehicles to use the kerbside lane and safely pass vehicles waiting on Lyons Road to turn right in to side streets,” the spokesperson said.

“While these restrictions will result in some parking being removed on Lyons Road, Roads and Maritime is working closely with City of Canada Bay Council to provide alternate business customer parking on nearby side streets.”

The spokesperson said the NSW Government is committed to improving traffic flow along this essential corridor through the inner west and will continue working with communities to improve travel times on Sydney's major roads.

“Crews are also hard at work repairing concrete slabs and repainting road markings to provide a safer road for local motorists and reduce future ongoing maintenance,” the spokesperson said.

“They will also be on site next year to diamond grind the road surface to grind down a thin layer of road to a consistent and level surface to provide a smoother road surface for motorists.

“This work is being delivered as part of the NSW Government’s $1.5 billion maintenance program
which helps maintain and improve roads across the state.”

The spokesperson said the new clearways will operate in both directions from 6am to 10am and
from 3pm to 7pm on weekdays with ‘No Stopping’ restrictions operating from 10am to 3pm on
weekdays and 9am to 6pm on weekends and public holidays.

The ‘No Stopping’ restrictions apply between the new weekday clearway hours of 6am and 10am
and 3pm and 7pm.

Feedback on the alternate parking arrangements and ‘No Stopping’ restrictions is invited by Friday
8 December and will be considered when finalising the proposal.

Comments can be provided by emailing, writing to Clearways Project
Team, PO Box 973 Parramatta NSW 2124 or calling the project team on 1300 706 232.

Visit the Sydney Clearways Strategy website for more information.

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