‘Rebecca Lilly’ lends a helping hand on new Grafton Bridge

6 December 2017

Don’t blink or risk missing the third barge which has arrived in Grafton to help work on the additional crossing of the Clarence River.

‘Rebecca Lilly’ won’t be around for long, as it is only in town for one purpose before it goes back to continue building the new bridge across the Clarence River at Harwood.

A Roads and Maritime Services spokesperson said Rebecca Lilly will be used to lift the second pier skirt into place, which is expected to happen next week, weather permitting.

“The Rebecca Lilly is in Grafton to lift and place the pier skirt for pier three.

“The additional barge is needed because the service cranes on the two existing barges, ‘Maeve Anne’ and ‘Rhumb,’ are not big enough to manage the complex lift for the precast skirt.

“Maeve Anne has been in Grafton since May this year and will continue to place steel casings and drill foundation of the marine piles.

“The other barge Rhumb is focussing on placing reinforcement cages into the drilled marine piles as well as pouring the concrete for those piles.”

The Rebecca Lilly is 55 metres long, 24 metres wide and has a 300 tonne crane on board. It will return to Harwood on Tuesday 5 December.

The spokesperson said work on the Grafton bridge project is progressing well.

“Since Rhumb arrived in October, work in the Clarence River has powered along.

“A significant amount of progress has been achieved recently and the project is on track to open to traffic in 2019, weather permitting.”

More information on the Grafton bridge project is available on Roads and Maritime Services’ website.

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