Who are you going to call? A day in the life of the Driver Aid Services team

19 JANUARY 2018

Hundreds of thousands of motorists use the Sydney road network every day with most managing to get from A to B with no issues.

But for motorists who breakdown or have a crash, dedicated teams within Roads and Maritime Services make it their business to ensure these people are safe and get the help they need.

Director Sydney Maintenance David Fishburn said the Driver Aid Services team works 24 hours, seven days a week to keep motorists moving.

“They are strategically located from Beresfield to Waterfall and Emu Plains to Bondi on major arterial routes for any unplanned incidents,” Mr Fishburn said.

“Attending more than 27,000 incidents in the past year including major crashes and breakdowns, adjusting tidal flows, removing debris and helping with special events, are just some of the activities these highly trained men and women carry out every day.

“Crews can be tasked to incidents by the Transport Management Centre, advised directly by emergency services or by members of the public using the 131700 phone number or they will simply stop and help if they see something while patrolling. They can tow anything from a scooter to a B Double semi-trailer.

“Most of the time these teams carry out their ‘rescues’ with little fanfare and less recognition, which is just the way they like it.”

Graham Goss and Jimmy Mueller are two members of the Yennora based Driver Aid Services team who were recently thrilled to receive an email from a lady they helped the week before Christmas when her car broke down in searing heat on the M4.

When Anna Cavendish’s car suddenly stopped in the middle of the road surrounded by high speed traffic she was understandably terrified. A call to triple O dispatched Graham and Jimmy to her aid.

Grateful for their quick thinking and determination to get her going again Ms Cavendish took the time to email Roads and Maritime with her thanks.

“Within a short space of time Jim and Graham turned up. HALLELUJAH! These two men truly rescued me and set in motion a solution. They immediately grasped what was going on and saw the physical and emotional state I was in,” Ms Cavendish wrote.

It’s this kind of assistance to the motorists of Sydney which ensures hundreds of thousands of journeys are improved unknown to those making them because the path ahead has been cleared by the dedicated men and women of Roads and Maritime Services Driver Aid Services team.

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