Call for help to keep people moving across the Clarence River

29 January 2018

The holidays have been and gone and as school goes back and people return to work, road users can expect to see traffic increase when travelling on the Grafton Bridge.

Data collected by Roads and Maritime Services confirms what many have suspected - the number of vehicles crossing the Clarence River at Grafton each day has significantly increased.

“The data shows outside of holiday times, the morning and evening peak is starting earlier and finishing later,” a Roads and Maritime spokesperson said.

“Roads and Maritime has investigated options to reduce congestion including stopping left hand turns out of Clarence Street onto Fitzroy Street.

“Traffic modelling found this measure and others would not help to reduce congestion.

“As shown during the festive season, a small reduction in vehicle numbers can make a big difference in reducing traffic in Grafton.

“This is why community members are being asked to take action into their own hands by carpooling, riding a bike and walking.

“If people can delay their journey outside of peak times or encourage more kids to catch the bus to and from school, the community can together make a significant difference.

"The bottom line is the current bridge can only hold so much traffic and the issue of capacity is one of the driving forces behind the building of a second bridge.”

The additional crossing of the Clarence River at Grafton is on track to open completion in 2019, weather permitting.

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