Work Health & Safety

The Roads and Maritime Services Work Health and Safety Strategy acknowledges the extent of our duty of care, reflects our commitment to safety as our primary value, and sets out how we will create a workplace where everyone goes home safe and healthy every day.

A message from the Chief Executive

As Chief Executive of Roads and Maritime I affirm my personal commitment to safety as our primary value.

Our vision is to create a workplace where everyone goes home safe and healthy every day.

As an agency, Roads and Maritime aspires to lead better practice in work health and safety, working in partnership with industry.

We acknowledge the moral and legal duty we have to ensure the health and safety of our workers and others who may be affected by our undertakings. Whether working on or using our roads and waterways, people have a right to expect that care has been taken to ensure their health and safety at all times.

We recognise that safety enables efficiency and productivity. Safety drives better business outcomes.

As an agency responsible for enabling safe and efficient journeys throughout New South Wales, Roads and Maritime must continually develop our networks to meet the current and future needs and the expectations of our customers and other stakeholders.

This is not something we can do alone. We must work closely with our industry partners. Only by collaborating can we realise our vision.

We will consult, cooperate and coordinate with our industry partners, working towards eliminating risks wherever ‘reasonably practicable’ to do so and will remain focused on risk management to ensure overall safety performance.

Our collective commitment to work health and safety is critical to Roads and Maritime’s success. I personally look forward to engaging with our workers, our industry partners and our customers as we deliver these commitments for the people of New South Wales.

Peter Duncan, Chief Executive.

Our approach to work health and safety

The policy statement expresses our vision and the principles by which we intend to manage work health and safety to improve safety performance.

Our policy affirms our commitment to ensuring that work health and safety is integral to our organisation and that effective work health and safety practices actively contribute to our success.

In addition, the policy reflects our expectation of a reciprocal commitment from our industry partners.

Read the full policy statement.

Maritime vessel moving across the water. All vessel occupants are wearing correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for the situation, including hats and lifejackets.

Our Work Health and Safety Strategy 2015-19

The Work Health and Safety (WHS) Strategy has been developed to share our vision, demonstrate how Roads and Maritime will lead better practice in work health and safety, and show how the policy will be implemented across the business. It has been designed to guide us and our industry partners to create safer and healthier workplaces through a contemporary safety management system, fostering a mature safety culture.

Our annual work health and safety delivery plans will outline in detail what we will do, and when, to deliver the vision and to evaluate the success of the key focus areas and specific projects.

Each year, the objectives and priorities will be reviewed and updated. Our progress will be measured and our performance results will be reported in the Roads and Maritime Services Annual Report.

Read the Work Health and Safety Strategy 2015-19.

Workers at night look on as a large section of a bridge is craned into position from an oversize vehicle. Workers are all wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), including hard hats and high-visibility reflective clothing.
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