Safety assurance

Safety assurance is about providing confidence that safety risks, processes and behaviours are managed through appropriate measures that identify potential threats to safety.

Sub-elements and requirements

This element is made up of two sub-elements:

  • Safety assurance
  • Occurrence management and investigations.

Safety assurance

Safety assurance is about identifying hazards before they result in occurrences, seeking out system weaknesses and challenging the effectiveness of risk controls using safety information that may indicate emerging safety risks.

See Safety assurance framework.

Occurrence management and investigations

Occurrence management and investigation is an integral part of WHS risk management. Reporting hazards and occurrences is essential to understanding the risks in the workplace and managing them appropriately.

The management of occurrences ensures that:

  • There is an appropriate response – affected workers are provided with appropriate care and, as necessary, authorities and stakeholders are notified and the occurrence is investigated
  • Information about risks is fed back into the OneRMS SMS and lessons are learned
  • There is less likelihood of the occurrence happening again.

See Occurrence management and investigations framework.

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