OneRMS SMS document structure

OneRMS SMS comprises a range of documents that support our management of work health and safety.

Document structure

  • The WHS Policy Statement (2016) expresses our WHS vision and the principles by which we intend to manage WHS to improve safety performance.
  • The OneRMS Safety Management System Principles and Requirements document describes the structure and requirements of the OneRMS SMS. Frameworks and requirements apply to specific OneRMS SMS elements or sub-elements.
  • Guidance materials set out recommended best practice for meeting the requirements of the policy and frameworks.
  • Procedures control WHS management processes, including by identifying the roles and responsibilities of individuals and establishing record keeping requirements. A procedure may have associated forms for record keeping and transaction purposes.
  • Tools assist end-users to implement the higher-level documents.

Roads and Maritime business units may have procedures and tools that apply to sites, operations and activities under their control. These documents must align with the OneRMS SMS.

Diagram of the document types that make up the OneRMS SMS: Why - WHS Policy. What - Frameworks and Requirements. How - Guidance materials, procedures, forms.

You can read the OneRMS Safety Management System Principles and Requirements document for more details on the types of documents in the OneRMS SMS.

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