We aspire to lead better practice in work health and safety, working in partnership with industry.

Our safety management system ‘OneRMS SMS’ is the vehicle for delivering the objectives set out in the WHS Policy Statement.

The OneRMS SMS clearly establishes standards and expectations on how we work – in collaboration with our industry partners – to reduce our risks.

In doing so, the OneRMS SMS:

  • Aligns WHS management processes and practices across the organisation under a consistent approach
  • Provides assurance to duty holders that hazards have been identified and risks are effectively controlled, so far as is reasonably practicable
  • Enables innovative and flexible solutions that suit the scope and diversity of our operations
  • Facilitates organisational learning and a good safety culture.

Consultation on the OneRMS SMS

We are seeking your feedback and comments on:

Diagram of the OneRMS SMS framework, showing how the elements interact, as described in the text.

Risk management and assurance processes are at the heart of a safety management system. To be effectively implemented they must be driven by organisational commitment and leadership and by systems that address assets, people and quality processes. Consultation, cooperation and coordination are integral to all elements of the OneRMS SMS.

We welcome your feedback and comments. See Consultation on the OneRMS SMS for more information.

Frequently asked questions

Questions and answers about the OneRMS SMS.

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