Organisational commitment and leadership

Commitment, responsiveness, active support and input from the agency’s management are critical for the effectiveness of the OneRMS SMS in achieving work health and safety outcomes.

Sub-elements and requirements

This element is made up of four sub-elements:

  • WHS Policy Statement and Strategy
  • Governance, accountabilities and responsibilities
  • Safety leadership and culture
  • Safety planning and performance reporting

WHS Policy Statement and Strategy (published 2015)

Roads and Maritime’s WHS Policy Statement is a declaration of our commitment to health and safety for our workers and industry partners. The WHS Strategy 2015–19 identifies the priorities to implement the WHS Policy Statement. Together these produce a culture which makes health and safety an integral part of everything we do.

Governance, accountabilities and responsibilities

WHS governance arrangements establish clear expectations around responsibilities and accountabilities, sound decision making processes and how WHS information is communicated.

Leadership, due diligence, accountability, decision-making and oversight, are key principles of safety governance, enabling realisation of the following benefits:

  • Enhanced organisational safety performance
  • Effective safety risk management
  • Demonstrated compliance with, and discharge of, legal obligations
  • Benchmarking of accountability and other safety performance measures
  • Demonstrated safety leadership and ethical behaviour
  • Strengthened relationships with industry partners, stakeholders and the community
  • Enhanced safety reputation as a result of transparency and accountability.

See WHS governance, accountabilities and responsibilities framework.

Safety leadership and culture

Safety culture reflects the values, beliefs and attitudes that are held within an organisation that influence what people do and why they do it. A positive safety culture contributes to strong safety performance.

Safety leadership is critical to maintaining a positive safety culture. The decisions, actions and behaviours of these leaders set benchmarks for safety through the systems and processes that they put in place, promote and support.

See Safety leadership and culture framework.

Safety planning and performance reporting

Safety planning involves setting objectives and targets to implement the WHS Policy Statement and WHS Strategy 2015–19. Safety performance reporting measures the extent to which objectives and targets are achieved. Together they drive continuous improvement.

See Safety planning and performance reporting framework.

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