People – empowered workforce and partnerships

Enables a healthy and capable workforce, open information flow and collaboration to achieve shared solutions.

Sub-elements and requirements

This element is made up of three sub-elements:

  • Consultation, cooperation and coordination framework
  • WHS capability and training framework
  • Health and wellbeing framework

Consultation, cooperation and coordination

Roads and Maritime’s delivery model acknowledges that we share a common objective with industry partners to deliver safe and efficient journeys. Consultation, cooperation and coordination (CCC) ensures that we work with our workers and industry partners to manage WHS risks arising from our work activities. CCC enables us to work together to reduce WHS risk effectively by sharing knowledge, information, experience and lessons learnt with workers and others whose health and safety we directly affect.

See Consultation, cooperation and coordination framework.

WHS capability and training

WHS capability focuses on knowledge, skills, attributes and behaviours that enable workers to perform work safely. WHS capability empowers our people with the skills, knowledge and behaviours to achieve our WHS objectives.

See WHS capability and training framework.

Health and wellbeing

Health and wellbeing management comprises programs, procedures and tools to promote, support, encourage and reinforce health and wellbeing in the workplace.

We help monitor the health and wellbeing of our workers, provide protection from health and safety hazards associated with work activities so far as is reasonably practicable, and encourage all to develop and maintain healthy lifestyles and behaviours.

See Health and wellbeing framework.

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