Applying for a new Bus Driver Authority

Step 1 - Collect supporting documents.Step 2 - Complete your application.Step 3 - Submit your application.Step 4 - Allow up to 6 weeks to receive your Bus Driver Authority.

Collect supporting documents

Before you apply you must:

  1. Check that you have held an unrestricted Australian driver licence for a total of at least 12 months in the two 2 years immediately before the date of your application.
  2. Get a Criminal Record Check
    You can either:

    This check must have been done within three months of submitting your Bus Driver Authority application.
    Note: Your criminal check must include all of you current names and also all previous names that you have been known by.

    Attaching this check to your Bus Driver Authority application will reduce processing time.

    If you are unable to arrange a Criminal Record Check you must obtain certified true copies of your professional driver proof of identity documents. These need to total 100 points.

  3. Complete the Driver Authority training course
    You will receive an Evidence of Training Certificate. You can submit your Bus Driver Authority application before you finish your course. Your application will be placed on hold until you provide either the original or a certified copy of your Evidence of Training certificate to Roads and Maritime. You have six months from the date you submit your application to provide this certificate.

    For information about Driver Authority training courses please contact:
  4. Visit your medical practitioner

    If you have any health conditions you may also need to complete a Medical Specialist Assessment Report form.
    For more information please contact Licence Review Unit
    Phone: 13 77 88

  5. Get 2 recent colour photos
    • Photos must be sized 65mm x 65mm
    • Comply with the requirements on the Bus Driver Authority application form.
    • One photo must be signed on the back by a Justice of the Peace.
    • This photo will be used for your Driver Authority card.

  6. Get a record of your past five years driving history if you have held a driver licence from another state or territory within the last 5 years.
    Refer to the Frequently Asked Questions for how to get this record.

  7. Photocopy your current Australian driver licence.
    Important - If your driver licence is not from NSW the copy must be certified by a Justice of the Peace.

  8. Pay your application fee by –
    • Visa or MasterCard (fill in card details on the Bus Driver Authority application form)
    • Electronic funds transfer (bank account details and instructions are provided on the Bus Driver Authority application)
    • Cheque or Money order (made payable to Roads and Maritime Services and attached to your Bus Driver Authority application)
    • NOTE - cash payments are NOT accepted

Complete your application

Do you have these documents?

  • Completed Criminal Record Check
  • Evidence of Training Certificate (if you have completed the Bus Driver Authority Training Course)
  • Completed Medical Assessment Form - Public Passenger Vehicle Driver
    • Medical Specialist Assessment Report Form (if required)
  • 2 identification photos
  • Record of 5 year driving history (if required)
  • Photocopy of your current Australian driver licence

If you have these documents then:

You now can complete your Application for an Authority to Drive a Bus form.

Use the checklist on the last page of the application form to make sure you have completed all the requirements.

Attach all your supporting documents to your Bus Driver Authority application form.

Please note that missing information will hold up your application.

Mutual Recognition

Do you hold an interstate Bus Driver Authority?

You may be eligible to apply for a Bus Driver Authority under Mutual Recognition.

Go to Mutual Recognition of drivers to apply for this BEFORE submitting a Bus Driver Authority application.

For information about where to obtain a record of your driving history go to Frequently Asked Questions.

Submit your application

Mail your completed application form and supporting documents to:

Enrolment Services
PO Box 3185
Parramatta NSW 2124

Applications may also be delivered in person to a secure document drop box that is open Monday to Friday between 7am - 6pm. This drop box is located at the:

Security Office
Roads and Maritime
Ground Floor, 110 George Street, Parramatta NSW

Once we receive your complete Bus Driver Authority application Roads and Maritime will review your driving and criminal history to assess whether you meet the appropriate requirements. You may be asked to provide additional details.

Please allow up to six weeks for processing.

When processing is complete Roads and Maritime will post your Bus Driver Authority card to the address nominated on your application.

Contact us

If you have any questions please contact Roads and Maritime Enrolment Services:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • You will be notified in writing why your application was unsuccessful and how you can request a review of this decision.
  • At an Australia Post Office or selected retail outlets with a passport photo camera. Make sure you request a 65mm x 65mm photo.
  • Roads and Maritime will place your application on hold and give you six months from the date of submission to supply the missing information. If you do not provide the required information within six months you will need to submit a new application, supporting documentation, criminal history check and application fee.
  • You will need to contact the relevant state or territory government office:

    If you are from New Zealand and are applying for Mutual Recognition you can obtain your record from:

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