Low complexity duties

Low complexity duties

Under Exemption 38 (low complexity duties), a person may be exempt from holding a Certificate of Competency if certain criteria are met. This exemption may apply to persons who operate:

  • Vessels that existed prior to 30 June 2013, where an equivalent certificate is not available in the National System
  • New vessels where a person was the owner of a vessel which existed prior to 30 June 2013 and the operations of the new vessel is the same as the existing vessel
  • Vessels operating in a Marina
  • Vessels operating 1 nautical mile from shore, waters of an aquaculture lease and 250 m of a structure fixed to the shore, and
  • Vessels that are used for towing persons (Waterski).

In order to qualify for the exemption a person needs to undertake training with an AMSA approved course provider and complete a Final Practical Assessment Record with an approved trainer assessor and be in possession of other pre-requisites such as an eyesight test certificate.

Please see Exemption 38, Advisory Note and Training Requirement pages for further information on the limitations, conditions, training and other requirements for the exemption.

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