Focus on Freight - growing local communities

The freight industry is critical to NSW, contributing $66 billion to our state economy each year. The NSW freight task is projected to grow by 28 per cent between now and 2036. More productive and efficient road freight transport options need to be adopted in order to best meet the growing freight task. These include more productive and safer vehicles known as higher productivity vehicles.

See the comparison guide between different vehicle combinations in the new Focus on Freight information guide.

Gobbagombalin Bridge Wagga Wagga
Gobbagombalin Bridge Wagga Wagga

Focus on Freight event days

The Focus on Freight initiative has been designed to increase awareness of higher productivity vehicles in NSW and will provide you with access to information about why and how freight is moved by road, highlight the road safety benefits of these vehicles, offer interactive displays and demonstrate how different types of vehicles negotiate our roads.

We will be holding a series of two day events in every region of NSW in 2019. These events will provide an opportunity to strengthen industry relationships, identify practical solutions that optimise network connectivity and achieve better freight outcomes. The event will consist of:

Day 1: A community event including live demonstrations of higher productivity vehicles, how they operate and information about the comparative benefits of the modern fleet for the local freight task.

Day 2: A series of technical sessions and workshops with local government, industry representatives and Roads and Maritime staff.

View a map of our regions.

Roads and Maritime Regions

Roads and Maritime regions
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