Heavy Vehicle Operator Safety Information Program (HVOSIP)

The Heavy Vehicle Operator Safety Information Program (HVOSIP) is a series of system improvements undertaken by Roads and Maritime Services in order to assist heavy vehicle operators to meet their legislative obligations.

The Heavy Vehicle Operator Safety Information Program (HVOSIP) is an online platform for the exchange of regulatory information between drivers, registered operators and organisations that have legal obligations (such as the Chain of Responsibility) under the Heavy Vehicle National Law.

For example, heavy vehicle operators must ensure a heavy vehicle driver is properly licenced. Under Section 52 of the Road Transport Act 2013, a driver must be licensed and operators “must not employ or permit any person to drive a vehicle the person is licensed for that purpose”.

The online service also aims to provide improved driver and vehicle information for heavy vehicle operators and enhance the decision-making capability of heavy vehicle industry, as well as increasing information sharing between Roads and Maritime Services and the heavy vehicle industry.

The HVOSIP is a five phased project that will include the implementation of:

  • Multiple driver licence and demerit point check (Phase 1)
  • Heavy vehicle defect notification (defect notice sent to operator via the HVOSIP service)
  • Driver licence holder notification (driver notified when operator undertakes licence check)
  • Driver licence holder self-configuration (driver manages how/when they get notified of licence check)
  • Heavy vehicle operator self-configuration (operator manages what/when they receive compliance information).

Multiple Drivers Licence & Demerit Point Check

The Multiple Driver Licence and Demerit Point Enquiry has been developed for heavy vehicle operators and drivers to:

  • Allow driver licence and demerit point information to be exchanged to ensure drivers are properly licenced and safe to drive a heavy vehicle
  • Facilitate the exchange of information between employees/drivers that is relatively simple and cost effective.

Heavy vehicle drivers can opt to provide their consent to operators for a period of 12 months or until employment cease if under 12 months.

To apply to become an approved HVOSIP user, an applicant must:

  • Employ NSW licenced heavy vehicle drivers (i.e. drive a heavy vehicle in the transport of goods or require a heavy vehicle licence as part of their employment - mechanic).
  • Have an Australian Business Number (ABN) and/or Australian Company Number (ACN)

The system provides operators and their approved users with the capability to run a check for up to 1000 drivers at one time. As a result of the enquiry, the status of both the driver licence and the demerit points will be displayed for each driver.

Checks will be conducted in “real time” and information will be presented in order of importance. Heavy vehicle operators will be able to easily see which records have changed since their last enquiry and what the most critical results are. Driver consent expiry can also be managed within the system.

Participation by drivers is voluntary; information about licence and demerit point status continues to be available through Service NSW centres and motor registries or a driver may request a copy of their Driving Record online.

Operators fact sheet

July 2016

Drivers fact sheet

July 2016

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