On-road enforcement

Road Transport legislation allows Roads and Maritime Services to employ a systematic and strategic approach to enforcement of Road Transport Laws.

Through targeted investigations and heavy vehicle intercepts and inspections, Roads and Maritime uses its regulatory powers to ensure the practices of drivers, vehicle operators and responsible parties in the road transport and logistics supply chain lead to improved compliance, asset protection and safer roads:

  • Roads and Maritime Enforcement Operations Inspectors perform targeted intercepts and inspections as part of on-road enforcement action, heavy vehicle safety station inspections and heavy vehicle registration inspections
  • Roads and Maritime inspections target heavy vehicle non-compliance with road transport laws including load restraint, mass, vehicle access, vehicle standards, speed limiter compliance, driver fatigue and vehicle roadworthiness
  • Roads and Maritime also conducts joint operations with the NSW Police and EPA to target heavy vehicle non-compliance
  • Roads and Maritime targeted intercepts and investigations result in parties in the supply chain, including heavy vehicle operators, company directors, consignors and consignees and drivers being penalised when non-compliance with road transport laws is detected
  • Under road transport law, all parties in the supply chain must ensure the terms of consignment or work/employment contracts will not result in, encourage, reward or provide an incentive for the driver or other party in the supply chain (e.g. a scheduler) to break any road transport law.
  • Roads and Maritime administers a delegation from the National Heavy Vehicles Regulator to authorise local council enforcement officers to undertake compliance and enforcement activities for breaches of mass requirements on local roads. From 1 July 2015, 29 local council officers will be patrolling seven councils across 8 councils in New South Wales.

For more information see Mass enforcement on local roads

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