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New, updated and withdrawn technical documents.

New technical documents

  • IC-QA-R76 Insitu Pavement Stablisation Using Foamed Bitumen
    • Date: 03.07.18
    • Ed 1 Rev 0: This Specification sets out the requirements for the rehabilitation of existing granular pavements by insitu stabilisation with foamed bitumen to a maximum depth of 400 mm, including pavements with bituminous wearing course of up to 80 mm thick.
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  • IC-DC-TS933 Tunnel Backlit Signs
    • Date: 22.06.18
    • o Ed 1 Rev 0: Sets out the requirements for the design, manufacture, installation and testing of tunnel backlit signs (TBS) for tunnels, including tunnels in motorways, and long underpasses. The messages displayed on these signs are static (i.e. non-variable).
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Updated technical documents

Withdrawn technical documents

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