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New, updated and withdrawn technical documents.

New technical documents

DateDocument referenceSummary
28.03.19TETD 2019/02 RMS.19.1206 – Use of Type 1 (Manual) Portable Traffic Signal SystemsType 1 (manual) Portable Traffic Signal Systems (PTS) are a portable traffic control device designed as an alternative to traffic control personnel with hand held STOP/SLOW bats or other devices used to control traffic flow (e.g. portable boom barriers). This technical direction outlines the operational requirements for Type 1 Manual PTS in NSW. These PTS shall only be used for a single-lane operation where either shuttle flow or plant crossing control is required.
20.03.19TETD 2019/01 RMS.19.1204 – Installation of Audio Tactile Line MarkingSpecifies the installation requirements for audio-tactile line marking on NSW State Roads, and supersedes the Roads and Maritime Services Delineation guide Part 5 V1.6.
March 2019Bridge Standard DrawingsSix new sets of Bridge standard drawings have been added/updated to the RMS external website. These include B000 Miscellaneous set, B0200 Super T Girder series set, B0300 PSC Plank Girder series, B0500 Traffic Barriers series, B0600 Bridge Joint series and B0700 Name Plate series. Full drawings sets are also available for download for each series.
August 2018RMS 19.1175 Smart Motorway DesignProvides guidance on vehicle detector placement for smart motorways. It covers design principles, warrants and suggested layouts and spacing for vehicle detectors and associated roadside data processors.

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Updated technical documents

DateDocument referenceAmendment
March 2019Bridge Aesthetics Design GuidelineUpdated to take account of completed bridges, new guidance on land-bridges and a new pedestrian bridge standard being employed across the state.
28.03.19IC-QA-R155 – Design And Construction Of Underground CablewaysEd 1 Rev 5: Required cover over conduits changed.
28.03.19IC-DC-R155 – Design And Construction Of Underground CablewaysEd 1 Rev 2: Updated to accord with base (non-D&C) Specification R155 Ed 1/Rev 5
27.03.19IC-QA-G7 – Utility AdjustmentEd 1 Rev 4: The name “NSW Streets Opening Conference” updated to “NSW Streets Opening Coordination Council”.
27.03.19IC-DC-G7 – Services Works (Utility Adjustment)Ed 1 Rev 3: Updated to accord with base (non-D&C) Specification G7 Ed 1/Rev 4.
26.02.19IC-QA-G71 – Construction SurveysEd 2 Rev 2: Table 12 updated to accord with revised B63 and B284.Referenced Documents updated.
22.02.19IC-QA-C017 – Tender Form ( Major Roadworks And Bridgeworks )Ed 2 Rev 54: Pay Items for specification G36 updated. Pay Items for specification G71 added.
22.02.19IC-DC-B349 – Precast Concrete Noise Wall Members (Not Pretensioned)Ed 2 Rev 0: Updated to accord with base (non-D&C) Specification B349 Ed 2/Rev 0.
13.02.19IC-QA-B349 – Precast Concrete Noise Wall Members (Not Pretensioned)Ed 2 Rev 0: Clause 7 on handling, storage and transport of members, reworded. Distinction made between “lifting devices” and its component “lifting inserts” and “lifting clutches”. Requirement to place waterproof caps over lifting inserts amended to providing the waterproof caps for placing during wall panel installation (which is outside scope of spec). Various other clauses and reference documents updated.
06.02.19IC-DC-C91-1 – Design And Construct Project Deed – TermsEd 1 Rev 29: Inclusion of Subcontractors Proof of Payment Procedure. Inclusion of Subcontractors Proof of Payment Process.
06.02.19IC-DC-C91-2 – Design And Construct Project Deed – SchedulesEd 1 Rev 29: Various updates and amendments
Dec 2018Landscape design guidelineVersion 2: Updated to set down a best practice approach to projects undertaken on road corridors. It focuses primarily on the design, establishment and maintenance of planting and seeding.
Dec 2018Guideline for landscape character and visual impact assessment

Version 2.1: Document has been updated to guide the preparation of landscape character and visual impact assessments under Roads and Maritime’s environmental impact assessment (EIA) processes as they relate to the broader Roads and Maritime Services Urban Design Policy, Beyond the Pavement.

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