Drainage products

Only products that have been assessed and deemed fit for purpose are considered suitable for general use on the New South Wales classified road network. All other products must be subject to a site specific risk assessment.

Products deemed fit for purpose may have conditions and/or restrictions outlining the parameters under which the product is considered for installation.

The drainage product list should be read in conjunction with relevant Australian Standards, Roads and Maritime Specifications and the Austroads Guide to Road Design Part 5, 5A, 5B: Drainage - General and Hydrology Considerations, Road Surface, Networks, Basins and Subsurface, Open Channels, Culverts and Floodways.

Roads and Maritime does not warrant or endorse the suitability of any products for other users.

Enquiries relating to drainage products can be sent via email to: Product.Assessment@rms.nsw.gov.au


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