Road maintenance contestability reform program

An industry briefing to start an early industry dialogue about road maintenance contestability was held on Wednesday, 14 November between 9am and 11am at the SMC Conference and Function Centre in Sydney’s CBD.

At this briefing the Program Management Office (PMO) outlined the process it will undertake to develop a business case that explores options for improving contestability for road maintenance in the Sydney region.

The next stage of the industry dialogue process is for the PMO to understand early on, any views, opinions or any other insights from industry organisations regarding the material presented at the Briefing. There are two ways that have been established to receive this feedback in a way that meets probity requirements, as follows:

1. Written Feedback

The first way is for industry organisations to provide written feedback to the PMO by no later than 5pm on Wednesday, 21 November, 2012. Without wanting to restrict the content of the material provided, this timeframe reflects that this is an initial opportunity for industry to inform the development of the options. It may include views on achieving the stated Program outcomes through contestability, industry capability and interest, the number, type and scale of packages, geographic scope, staging, risks and opportunities. It may also address any particular aspects that are of importance for the organisation in terms of the content and process of development of the options, as well as any implementation of changed arrangements (should the Business Case be approved by the NSW Government).

There is no other restriction on what organisations may include, either in page number or any other way. These submissions will be treated as confidential and the information contained will not be distributed or discussed with any other organisation.

2. One on one dialogue

The second way is a one-on-one industry dialogue with the PMO. This provides an opportunity for any interested industry organisation to discuss their views, opinions and insights in a confidential manner, as well as offer the PMO an opportunity to clarify any points raised in the written submissions. The expected timeframe for this dialogue is Thursday, 22 November to Thursday, 6 December, 2012.

3. Further involvement

The first two steps outlined above are not an exercise of selection in any way in regards to further procurement processes that may be undertaken. Whether an organisation does or does not choose to submit a submission or have a one on one dialogue with the PMO will not affect any opportunity to be involved in the Program in the future. In that light, it is not intended that the submissions are written in the form of an Expression of Interest (EOI) nor that they include detailed material on a particular organisation's capability to undertake any specific services.

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