Traffic and transport

These documents are Roads and Maritime Services Complementary documents to the Austroads Guide to Traffic Management and the Australian Standards AS1742, 1743 & 2890.

Note: All RTA traffic related documents which were current on 1 November 2011 will still apply until they have either been replaced by a Roads and Maritime Services document or superseded. Electronic copies of the documents listed are available for viewing, downloading or printing.


Buses Route Assessment for 14.5m Buses Version 2.0 - RTA/Pub TTT-044

Clearways: A Guide for Providing a Clearway Service on a State Road

Delegation to Councils for the Regulation of Traffic

Delegation to Councils for the Regulation of Traffic (including the operation of Traffic Committees), A Guide to the - Version 1.3 - RTA/Pub 06.358

Filming Projects - Guidelines for parking and road closures - RTA/Pub 09.126

How to Prepare a Bike Plan - RMS 12.595

NSW Bicycle Guidelines Version 1.2 - RTA/Pub 03.286

Pay Parking Version 4.0 - Pub 12.002

Pedestrian Access and Mobility Plan, How to Prepare a - RTA/Pub 02.024

Permit Parking Guidelines Version 3.4 - RMS 16.117

Restricted Parking Areas Version 2.0 - RTA/Pub 03.118

RMS Traffic Management Document Reference List (Version 2)

Tourist Signposting Version 4 - RMS 12.029

Traffic Modelling Guidelines - RMS 13.184

Traffic Signal Operation Specifications

Traffic Signal Operation (RTA-TC-106)

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