Materials specifications - design and construct


DC 3051 Granular base and subbase materials for surfaced road pavements

DC 3071 Selected material for formation layers

DC 3151 Cover aggregate for sprayed bituminous surfacing

DC 3153 Reclaimed asphalt pavement material

DC 3154 Granulated glass aggregate

DC 3204 Preformed joint fillers for concrete road pavements and structures

DC 3211 Cements, Binders And Fillers

DC 3221 Roller compacted concrete

DC 3222 No fines concrete (for subsurface drainage)

DC 3258 Aggregate precoating agent (for bitumen)

DC 3259 Bitumen adhesion agent (for bitumen)

DC 3263 Hot Poured Elastomeric Joint Sealant For Roads

DC 3268 Aggregate precoating agent (for polymer modified binder)

DC 3269 Bitumen adhesion agent (for polymer modified binder)

DC 3352 Fluorescent plastic traffic cones

DC 3353 Glass beads (for application to road marking materials)

DC 3354 Adhesives for raised pavement marker installation

DC 3357 Thermoplastic road marking material

DC 3359 Profile thermoplastic road marking material

DC 3360 Two part cold applied road marking material

DC 3400 Manufacture and delivery of road signs

DC 3411 Supply of guide posts - timber

DC 3412 Supply of guide posts - non-timber

DC 3552 Subsurface drainage pipe (corrugated perforated and non-perforated plastic)

DC 3553 Seamless tubular filter fabric

DC 3555 Drainage pipe (slotted and unslotted fibre-reinforced concrete)

DC 3557 Flexible strip filter drains

DC 3580 Aggregate filter materials for subsurface drainage

DC 3651 Paints and thinners for steelwork

DC 3851 Steel tapered lighting columns

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