Roadworks specifications - design and construct

DC R53 Concrete (for general use) mortar and grout

DC R55 Rock filled gabions and mattresses

DC R57 Design of reinforced soil walls

DC R58 Construction of reinforced soil walls (contractor's design)

DC R63 Geotextiles (separation and filtration)

DC R67 High strength geosynthetic reinforcement

DC R68 Shotcrete work without steel fibres

DC R71 Construction of Unbound and Modified Pavement Course

DC R73 Construction of plant mixed heavily bound pavement course

DC R75 Insitu pavement stabilisation using slow setting binders

DC R90 Roller compacted concrete subbase

DC R93 Diamond Grinding Of Concrete Pavement

DC R101 Cold milling of road pavement materials

DC R106 Sprayed bituminous surfacing (with cutback bitumen)

DC R107 Sprayed bituminous surfacing (with polymer modified binder)

DC R109 Bituminous slurry surfacing

DC R110 Coloured Surface Coatings for Bus Lanes and Cycleways

DC R111 Sprayed bituminous surfacing (with bitumen emulsion)

DC R116 Heavy Duty Dense Graded Asphalt

DC R117 Light Duty Dense Graded Asphalt

DC R142 Retroreflective raised pavement markers

DC 145 Pavement marking (performance based)

DC R152 Roadside Emergency Telephone Pillars

DC R153 Tunnel And Underpass Main Switchboard - Distribution Boards And Control Panels

DC R154 Tunnel and underpass electrical services works

DC R155 Design And Construction Of Underground Cableways

DC R158 Road Tunnel And Underpass Lighting

DC R163 Tunnel Ventilation Axial Fans

DC R165 In-Tunnel Air Quality Monitors

DC R225 Concrete Injected Columns

DC R271 Design and construction of noise walls

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