Bridge technical directions - 1980 to 1999


CBE1997/01: Variability of Concrete Properties

CBE1995/03: Information to be Shown on Drawings for Driven Piles

CBE1995/02: Stress Laminated Timber Bridges

CBE1993/03: Socket Inserts for Precast Concrete Girders

CBE1991/11: Bridges Over Roads, Horizontal Clearances and Visual Perceptions

CBE1991/06: Permanently Cased Piles - Driving Shoe Details

CBE1990/10: Reinforcement Detailing

CBE1990/09: Weld Category - Fabricated Steelwork

CBE1990/07: Cast-in Angle Details - Amendments to Sketch Number 89-D-1

CBE1989/10: Detailing Steel Members

CBE1988/08: Provision of Curtain Walls

BDI1986/02: Design for Continuous Superstructures

BDI1984/06: Provision of Drainage on Bridge Kerb

BDI1980/11: Provision of Lifting Lugs on Steel Girders

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