Traffic and transport technical directions

These documents are Roads and Maritime Services complementary documents to the Austroads Guide to Traffic Management and the Australian Standards AS1742, 1743 & 2890.



All RTA traffic related documents which were current on 1 November 2011 will still apply until they have either been replaced by a Roads and Maritime Services document or superseded. Electronic copies of the documents listed are available for viewing, downloading or printing.


TD 93/21, Road Lighting Installations, Requirements for Design of RTA

TDT 2002/12c, Stopping and Parking Restrictions at Intersections and Crossings

TDT 2003/01, Signposting of Rest Areas, Driver Reviver Sites and other Rest Stops

TDT 2003/03, Traffic Light Inventory

TDT 2003/04, Traffic Facilities Inventory

TDT 2006/05, Signposting for Temporary Rural Road Closures

TDT 2008/03, Use of Traffic Management Equipment on Multi-function Poles

TDT 2008/04a, Land Use Development Assessment - RTA Guidelines

TDT 2008/06, Guidelines for the Use of 'No Stopping Taxis Excepted 1 Minute Limit' Zones and Signposting

TDT 2009/06, Bicycle Storage Areas and Advanced Bicycle Stop Lines

TDT 2009/07, Police Speed Enforcement or Presence on RTA Work Sites

TDT 2010/01, Traffic Control at Work Sites Training

TDT 2010/02, Use of Prefabricated Detector Loops

TDT 2010/04, Guidelines for the Selection of Bus Priority Enforcement Camera Sites

TDT 2010/05, Signposting of Truck Parking Areas and Bus Parking Areas on Freeways/Motorways

TDT 2010/06, Use of Ground Mounted Controllers for Pedestrian or Small Traffic Signal Sites

TDT 2011/02, Use of Portable Speed Hump Devices

TDT 2011/03, Communication Modems for Traffic Control Signals

TDT 2011/07, Attachment of Equipment to Traffic Facilities Assets

TDT 2012/01, Economic Analysis of Traffic Management projects when using Sidra or Paramics

TDT 2012/03, Economic Analysis of Closed Circuit Television Cameras

TDT 2012/05, Pedestrian Bridge Eligibility & Prioritisation Assessment

TDT 2012/07, Installation of Light Emitting Diode (LED) Traffic Signal Lanterns

TDT 2012/08, Approval Requirements for New Traffic Assets

TDT 2012/09, Pavement Depth for Vehicle & Bicycle Loop Detectors

TDT 2012/10, Energy Management for New Traffic Assets

TDT 2013/01, Management of changes to a road name for a State Road in NSW

TDT 2013/02, Management of changes to the Alphanumeric (MAB) Route Marking system in NSW

TDT 2013/03, Revised Traffic Signal Cable Installation and Connection

TDT 2013/04a, Guide to Traffic Generating Developments Updated traffic surveys

TDT 2013/05, Continuous footpath treatments

TDT 2013/06, Provision of Variable Message Signs on motorways for on-road presentation of real time travel time information

TTD 2013/08, Approved Retroreflective Sheeting Materials for Road Signs

TTD 2014/002, Signposting for Contra-flow Bicycle Facilities

TTD 2014/004, Off-road parking provision on narrow roads

TTD 2014/005, Statutory 10 m No Stopping at unsignalised intersections review checklist

TTD 2014/006, Variable speed limit signs

ATD 2015/01, Prequalified Retroreflective Raised Pavement Markers

TTD 2016/001, Design and implementation of shared zones including provision for parking

TTD 2017/002, Special purpose lanes for trams - signage and line marking

TTD 2017/001, Operational modelling reporting structure

TTD 2018/001, Guidelines for on-street fixed space car share parking

TTD 2018/002, Traffic Signals in Microsimulation Modelling

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