Test methods - volume 2


T501 - Freedom from foaming of bituminous materials

T502 - Density of bituminous materials

T504 - Flash point by Pensky-Marntens open cup tester

T505 - Softening Point of Bituminous and Resinous Material (Ring and Ball Method)

T506 - Penetration of bituminous material

T507 - Ductility of bituminous material

T508 - Proportion of bituminous material insoluable in toluene

T510 - Viscosity of C.A.M. and H.B.C. bitumen Emulsion-Redwood No. 2

T511 - Loss on Heating of bitumen (thin film oven test)

T512 - Flash point by modified abel apparatus

T514 - Aspaltenes in bituminous material

T515 - Heptane Xylene equivalent of bituminous materials

T516 - Distillation of cutback bitumen

T517 - Rolling thin film oven (RFTO) test for bitumen

T518 - Viscosity of bituminous material by the Cannon Fenske opaque reverse flow viscometer

T519 - Apparent viscosity by the 'Shell' sliding plate micro viscometer

T521 - Quantification of polymer modified binders using infrared spectrum

T522 - Penetration and properties of binder recovered from asphalt

T530 - Consistency by the Engler viscometer

T533 - Water content of bituminous material, petrolem products and bitumen emulsion

T534 - Residue on sieving of bituminous material and bitumen emulsion

T535 - Dynamic viscosity of bituminous materials by the vacuum capillary viscometer

T536 - Determination of Viscosity by the Epprecht-Rheomat 15

T541 - Surface Tension of Tars and Oils (Nellensteyn's Method)

T542 - Identification of Tar containing Asphalt

T560 - Apparent Bitumen Content of Bitumen Emulsion and Recovery of Bitumen for Testing

T561 - Non-Volatile Emulsifying Agent in Bitumen Emulsion

T562 - Particle Charge of Bitumen Emulsion

T563 - Apparent Bitumen Content of Anionic Bitumen Emulsion

T564 - Mixing Test for Bitumen Emulsion

T565 - Stability of Emulsion (Anionic or Cationic) to Mixing with Coarse Aggregate

T566 - Stone Coating Water Resistance of Bitumen Emulsion

T567 - Settlement Rate of Bitumen Emulsion

T568 - Resistance to Stripping of Aggregates and Bitumen Emulsions

T569 - Compatability of bitumen emulsion with local water

T581 - Binder Application Rate from Carpet Tiles

T582 - Application Rate for Enrichment or Rejuvenation Treatment

T590 - Homogeneity of Liquid Precoates and Adhesion Agents

T600 - Methods for Sampling Materials used in Bituminous Sealing Works

T601 - Compaction of Test Specimens of Dense Graded Bituminous Mixtures - Modified Hubbard- Field Procedure

T602 - Compaction of Test Specimens of Asphalt - Marshall Procedure

T603 - Stability of Dense Graded Bituminous Mixtures Modified Hubbard-Field Procedure

T604 - Stability and Flow Value of Dense Graded Bituminous Mixtures - Marshall Procedure

T605 - Maximum density of bituminous plant mix (methylated spirit displacement method)

T606 - Bulk Density of Compacted Dense Graded Bituminous Mixtures

T607 - Bitumen content and aggregate grading (Reflux method)

T608 - Bitumen Content of Bituminous Plant Mix

T609 - Bitumen Content and Aggregate Grading of Bituminous Mixes Rotarex Method

T610 - Tar Content and Grading of Dense Tar Mixes

T611 - Compaction of Test Specimens of Bituminous Mixtures by Vibratory Compaction

T612 - Tar Content of Dense Tar Mixes

T613 - Moisture Content of Bituminous Mixes

T614 - Adhesion of Binder in Bituminous Cold Mix

T615 - Bulk Density and Stability of Bituminous Cold Mix Modified Hubbard-Field Procedure

T616 - Estimated Oil Content of Total Binder of Cold Mix

T617 - Water Permeability of Bituminous Pavements (Renumbered to T658)

T618 - Density of Aggregate in Bituminous Material

T622 - Volatile Content of Cold Mix

T623 - Binder Content and Grading of Cold Mix

T631 - Coring of Pavements (Wet Method)

T632 - Coring of Pavements (Dry Method)

T635 - Asphalt Compaction by Automated Compactor (Ash Pac)

T640 - Assessment of Propensity for Stripping of Bituminous Mixes

T647 - Dynamic Binder Drainage Test

T648 - Static Binder Drainage Test

T649 - Assessment of Propensity for Stripping of Insitu Asphalt

T655 - Permeability of Asphalt (Ponding Method)

T656 - Permeability of Road Surfacing and Granular Materials (Evenflow Field Permeameter)

T657 - Permeability of Road Surfacing and Granular Materials (Rapidflow Field Permeameter)

T658 - Water Permeability of Bituminous Pavements (Method 3 - Constant Head Field Permeameter (Zube))

T659 - Methylene Blue Adsorption Value Of Road Construction Material

T660 - Moisture Content of Bituminous Mixes (Mass Loss Method)

T661 - Mixing, Quartering And Conditioning Of Asphalt Prepared In The Laboratory

T662 - Compaction Of Asphalt Test Specimens (Using A Gyratory Compactor)

T703 - Flash Point by Pensky-Martens Closed Tester

T712 - Sediment in Fuel Oils by Extraction

T730 - Sieve Analysis of Scrap Rubber

T731 - Moisture Content of Scrap Rubber

T732 - Metallic Ion Content of Scrap Rubber

T734 - Foaming Caused by Scrap Rubber Addition to Bitumen

T735 - Laboratory Preparation of Rubber Bitumen Mixes

T736 - Flow Test for Rubber Bitumen Mixes

T737 - Recovery and Determination of Rubber Content of Scrap Rubber Mixes

T738 - Particle Shape of Scrap Rubber

T739 - Torsional Recovery of Polymer Modified Bitumen

T740 - Segregation Test for Bituminous Binders

T741 - Elastic Recovery of Polymer Modified Bitumens (ARRB Elastometer)

T742 - Plastic Limit of Modified Binders

T743 - Colour of Blond Binders for Asphalt

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