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From time to time, Roads and Maritime Services releases draft technical documents for public review and comment. Documents currently out for review are listed on this page.

Preservation of Surveying Infrastructure (POSI) resource pack

The unplanned destruction of Cadastral Marks and State Control has a devastating effect on the cadastral and spatial fabric of the State. Destruction can occur through new infrastructure developments, maintenance works and utility activities. It is important that processes are in place to:

  • identify and protect the marks; and
  • ensure that any destruction is planned, approved and controlled, otherwise fines can occur.

To assist the process, Roads and Maritime Services Surveyors and Land and Property Information Representatives have been collaborating to develop systems to better manage the process. The following documents are an interim measure and will assist in the preservation of the cadastre and the State Control network.



Following a recent state government restructure, the Land and Property Information Representatives are now located in the Department of Finance, Services and Innovation (DFSI) – Spatial Services Division.

It is likely that this information will be incorporated in the revision of several technical documents in the near future. If you have any queries, please contact:

Ray Gilmour
Manager Survey Certification & Compliance
02 8837 0422
Email: ray.gilmour@rms.nsw.gov.au
14 March 2017

IC-QA-G73 Detail Survey specification Edition 3 revision 0

Roads and Maritime Services specification for detail surveys (investigation activity and suitable for Works-As-Executed modelling) has been comprehensively upgraded. Following extensive development and industry feedback, the specification is now considered ready to be released for use.

The specification has been expanded to include the following surveying activities of:

  • Survey control surveys (both geodetic and detail)
  • Detail survey requirements
  • Drainage network investigation (confined spaces restrictions)
  • Utility investigations
  • Cadastral overlay modelling and preservation of survey infrastructure requirements, and
  • Bridge site surveys for design requirements.

To ensure contracting ‘fit for purpose’ objectives, it is now a requirement that the Representative is required to have surveying qualifications and current experience, if not, a Technical Representative is to be appointed. The number of Hold Points has been increased to ensure compliance with spatial tolerance expectations.

To streamline the engagement process, the annexures are editable to the project site specific requirements and constraints and can be considered as the Description of Services or sometimes referred to as the Survey Brief or Scope of Works.

A copy of the specification is available from the link below.

It is likely that the formal approval process may take some time; however, the industry can expect new engagements using this Edition of the specification. This document will be removed once the specification has been loaded in the Technical Documents area of the website.

If you have any queries, please contact:

Ray Gilmour
Manager Survey Certification & Compliance
Engineering Services Branch | Asset Maintenance Division
Phone: 02 8837 0422
Email: ray.gilmour@rms.nsw.gov.au

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