Bridge Technical Directions - 1980 to 2006

BPC2006/13: Changes to Standard Bridge Drawings - Revision of Three Standard Bridge Drawings - Nos Roads and Maritime Services B032, Roads and Maritime Services B041, Roads and Maritime Services B042C

BPC2006/09: Changes to Standard Bridge Drawings - Reinforcement Nomenclature Changed on All Bridge Standard Drawings Containing Reinforcement

BPC2006/07: Changes to Standard Bridge Drawings - Revision of Standard Bridge Drawing No Roads and Maritime Services B029 - Standard Notes

BPC2006/05: Pipes and Conduits for Bridgeworks

BPC2006/04: Changes to Standard Bridge Drawings - Bridge Traffic Barriers - Standard Cross Sections

BPC2006/03: Roads and Maritime Services Approval of Proprietary Bridging Systems

BPC2005/10: Reissue of Standard Bridge Drawings

BPC2005/09: Provision of Disabled Access for Pedestrian Bridges

BPC2005/06: Bird Nesting in Bridge Abutments and Box Girders

BPC2005/05: Use of Steel Fibre Reinforced Reactive Powder Concrete (Ductal) in Roads and Maritime Services Works

BPC2005/04: Pot Bearing Attachment Plates

BPC2005/03: Installation of Elastomeric Bearings for Pretensioned Concrete Girders - Standard Drawings

BPC2004/11: Strategies for Enhancing the Durability of Post Tensioned Concrete Bridges

BPC2004/10: Bridge Approach Slabs - Standard Drawings

BPC2004/09: Policy Circulars Made Redundant by AS 5100:2004

BPC2004/08: Inspection of Modular Bridge Expansion Joints and Control of Noise

BPC2003/07: Bridge Maintenance Piling Works

BPC2003/06: Timber Truss Cross Girder Replacements

BPC2003/04: Use of Proprietary Expanded Metal Construction Joints and Shear Keys

BPC2003/03: Bituminous Surfacing for Timber Bridge Decks

BPC2003/02: Waterproofing Membranes for Concrete Bridge Decks

BPC2002/03: Standard Connector - Thrie - Beam to Old Three Rail RHS Traffic Barrier

BPC2002/02: Maximum Concrete Strengths for Use in Roads and Maritime Services Works

BPC2001/01: Replacement of Chief Bridge Engineers Circulars

CBE2000/09: Geotechnical Information for Bridges

CBE2000/08: Bar Shapes and Steel Lists for Precast Concrete Members

CBE2000/05: Compaction of Concrete in Solid and Non-Circular Bridge Columns

CBE1999/15: Timber / Concrete Composite Bridge Modules Test Loading of Module - Design Criteria

CBE1998/15: Multi Span Plank Bridges with Link Slabs Guidelines for Bearing Selection

CBE1998/08: Bridge Bearings - Design for Maintenance or Replacement

CBE1997/05: Design of Bearings for Durability

CBE1997/01: Variability of Concrete Properties

CBE1996/05: Registration and Standard of Bridge Designs and Drawings for Bridge Works Funded by the Authority on Main Roads

CBE1995/03: Information to be Shown on Drawings for Driven Piles

CBE1995/02: Stress Laminated Timber Bridges

CBE1994/05: Drainage of Voids in Bridge Deck

CBE1993/03: Socket Inserts for Precast Concrete Girders

CBE1991/11: Bridges Over Roads, Horizontal Clearances and Visual Perceptions

CBE1991/06: Permanently Cased Piles - Driving Shoe Details

CBE1990/10: Reinforcement Detailing

CBE1990/09: Weld Category - Fabricated Steelwork

CBE1990/07: Cast-in Angle Details - Amendments to Sketch Number 89-D-1

CBE1989/10: Detailing Steel Members

CBE1988/08: Provision of Curtain Walls

BDI1986/02: Design for Continuous Superstructures

BDI1985/06: Bent on Site Reinforcing Bars

BDI1984/06: Provision of Drainage on Bridge Kerb

BDI1980/11: Provision of Lifting Lugs on Steel Girders

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