Bridge Technical Directions - 2008

BTD2008/17: Changes to Standard Bridge Drawings - RC Link Slab for Super T Girder Decks

BTD2008/15: Concrete Parapets on Pedestrian Overbridges

BTD2008/14: Changes to Standard Bridge Drawings - Spaced Planks - Standard Drawings

BTD2008/13: Provisions for Future Cathodic Protection of Reinforced Concrete Bridges

BTD2008/12: Provisions for Concrete Structures in Acid Sulfate Soils

BTD2008/11: Lists of Roads and Maritime Services approved Bridge Components and Systems

BTD2008/09: Link Slabs for Precast Pretensioned Concrete Girder Bridges

BTD2008/08: Provision of Conduits in Bridge Traffic Barriers

BTD2008/07: Design of Bridge Supports for Collision Load from Road Traffic

BTD2008/06: Joints in Precast Concrete Barrier Elements on a Grade

BTD2008/05: Splicing of Steel Girders Using Bolts

BTD2008/03: Use of Profiled Steel Sheeting in Bridges and Minor Structures

BTD2008/02: Access for Inspection, Monitoring and Repair or Replacement of Bridge Components

BTD2008/01: Changes to Standard Bridge Drawings - Bridge Traffic Barrier Termination details

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