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Latest news 

1-9-2016:  The Roads and Maritime Supplement to Australian Standard 1742.2 has been updated with respect to signage required for merge situations.

14-7-2016:  The following Traffic Signal Design documents have been updated with respect to pedestrian protection and left turn on red requirements:

  • Traffic Signal Design Section 7 Phasing and Signal Group Display Sequence.
  • Traffic Signal Design Appendix E Left Turn on Red.
  • TS-TN-019 - Specification of Vehicle Group Operation.
  • TS-TN-021 - Specification of Pedestrian Movement Operation.

7-7-2016:  The RMS Supplement to Australian Standard 1742.15 has been updated with respect to co-location of signs. The RMS Supplement to Austroads Guide to Traffic Management part 10 has been updated with respect to variable message signs and co-location of signs. These updates have allowed us to retire the following four technical directions:

  • TDT 2005/02b Guidelines for the location and placement of variable message signs.
  • TDT 2008/01 Use of portable variable message signs with radar speed indicators.
  • TDT 2010/07 Use of variable message signs.
  • TDT 2012/02 Economic analysis of variable message signs.

Latest releases

The most recent traffic management document releases and document updates are listed below.

2016 revisions to Roads and Maritime Supplements

2016 revisions to Traffic Manuals

2016 revisions to Specifications

2016 revisions to Technical Directions

Registration requests

Please email technical.directions.publication@rms.nsw.gov.au to request registration for email notification of the release of the latest Roads and Maritime Services traffic engineering reference documents including Technical Directions, Complementary Guidelines and the Roads and Maritime Services Austroads & Australian Standards Supplements.

Note: Acceptance of requests will generally be restricted to bona fide organisations.

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