Roadside and Drainage

Roads and Maritime Services develops and implements policies and strategies that facilitate the strategic management of road corridor assets. Corridor assets include safety barriers, fencing, culverts and other drainage, road landscape, slopes and retaining walls, noise walls, and rest areas.

Roadside maintenance

Maintenance of the roadside corridor includes maintenance of the corridor assets as well as vegetation control (mowing, landscaping, tree maintenance), snow clearing, graffiti and litter removal. The QA maintenance specifications show the target intervention levels and responses.


Roads and Maritime Services has a framework for the long-term management of culverts across Roads and Maritime Services road network to enable road network availability and maintain road user safety. Roads and Maritime Services has developed two guidelines as tools supporting the framework (accessible using the links below).

Roads and Maritime Services “Culvert Inventory Collection Guideline” shows the information collected and stored for each culvert. The “Culvert Data Collection Form” can be used to record the information. The “Culvert Inventory Collection Guideline Training Notes” were used to train inspectors on how to collect and record the required information.

Roads and Maritime Services “Culvert Risk Assessment Guideline” outlines how culvert risk assessments are completed. The “Culvert Risk Assessment Guideline Training Notes” formed part of the accreditation course for assessors.

For more information on Roads and Maritime Services Culvert Inventory Collection Guideline and Roads and Maritime Services Culvert Risk Assessment Guideline and resources refer to the files below.

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