Work health & safety policy documents

Roads and Maritime Services' work health and safety (WHS) documents, including policy, strategy, procedures, guidelines and other material supporting our Safety Management System.

WHS Policy Statement

July 2015

Work Health and Safety Strategy 2015-19

July 2015

Procedure: Working in confined spaces

Procedure: Working in or around excavations

Procedure: Working in extreme temperatures

Procedure: Managing hazardous chemicals

Procedure: Remote or isolated work

Procedure: Managing manual handling hazards

Procedure: Plant operator training and assessment

Procedure: Managing radiation devices

Procedure: Developing a Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS)

Procedure: Working near utilities

Procedure: Personal protective equipment (PPE)

Procedure: Drug and alcohol risk management

Procedure: Management of infectious disease and illness at work

Procedure: Managing health monitoring

Procedure: Post traumatic event management

Procedure: Hazard and occurrence reporting

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