Contract ID: 07.2845.0952

Contract ID 07.2845.0952
Contract Type Traffic Management
Contract Name PTIPS Field Devices RFP
Contract Description RFP for the Manufacture, Supply, Installation and Maintenance of the PTIPS Field Devices
Contract Commencement Date 06 Mar 2008
Period of Contract 260 Weeks
Contact email Contact Roads and Maritime Services
Successful Tenderer Tyco Projects (Australia) Pty Ltd 137 McCredie Road, Guildford, NSW, 2161
Cross Ownership Details N/A
Amount of Tender $ 30,000,000.00
Cost Adjustment Provision (contract clause) maintenance only, CPI-1%, clause 15.5

Disclosure of Information Class 1

a) Particulars of any related body corporate (within the meaning of the Corporations Act 2001 of the Commonwealth) in respect of the contractor, or any other private sector entity in which the contractor has an interest, that will be involved in carrying out any of the contractor's obligations under the contract or will receive a benefit under the contract N/A
b) A description of any provisions under which the amounts payable to contactor may be varied Principles right to offset payment, CPI, liquidated damages & service rebates and payment to employees in Clauses 16.3 to 16.7, 9.3, 10.3 and 15.5
c) A description of any provisions with respect to the renegotiation of the contract Clause15.5 (Review of Maintenance Fees) & Clause 15.6 (Review of Time and Materials Rates)
d) In the case of a contract arising from a tendering process, the method of tendering and a summary of the criteria against which the various tenders were assessed Refer to table below
e) A description of any provisions under which it is agreed that the contractor is to receive payment for providing operational or maintenance services By schedule of rates on satisfactory delivery on a monthly basis. Maintenance Fees and charges permitted by clauses 15.2, 15.3 and 13.2
Significant Evaluation Criteria (list below) Weightings % (list below)
(A) Non Price  
Ability to meet the product and service requirements, functional and non-functional requirements, equipment requirements and quality verification processes set out in the Scope of Works Specification. 20 %
Demonstrated experience of successfully manufacturing and/or procuring, supplying, installing and maintaining GPS mobile tracking and PID driver devices, or systems of a similar nature, size and complexity. At least two project referees will be required 20 %
Appropriate qualifications and experience of leading personnel (includes technical and project management skills) that will undertake the work. 20 %
The nature of the quality management system to be followed for all aspects of manufacturing, supply, installation and maintenance work. 10 %
Conformance with the draft contract. G/NG %
Value for money. 20 %
Ability to meet the required timeframes. 10 %
(B) Price N/A*
* Price has not been included in weightings. Following determination of non-price score the tendered price and these scores are considered, then the tender assessed as offering the best value for money to Roads and Maritime Services is recommended for acceptance.


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