Roads and Maritime Services introduced e-Tendering via CD and the internet in July 2003 for major construction contracts and professional services contracts. Since then many tenders have been published via NSW eTendering.

The information and instructions below are specific to Roads and Maritime's use of the tender site but should be read in conjunction with the instructions on NSW eTendering.

Further details about eTendering are provided at pre-tender meetings. 

Advertising of tender opportunities

Tender opportunities are advertised the RMS website under Partners and Suppliers and in the Sydney Morning Herald. Where a tender has been published on RMS eTender, the advertisements will direct you to RMS eTender for further information.

Types of contracts on NSW eTendering

To date, a selection of maintenance, construction and professional service contracts have been published on NSW eTendering.

Information free-of-charge on NSW eTendering

The following information is provided on the website, free-of-charge, about tenders:

  • A detailed description of the contract, the tender closing date and time, and information about the pre-tender meeting
  • A summary file containing some general information. For construction contracts the summary file may include the Request for Tenders, the Preamble and Locality sketch, General Conditions (G1), the Schedule of Rates and the Schedule of Estimated Quantities.

Tender documentation

The complete tender documentation for major construction contracts is supplied on CD.  This may be purchased on-line from NSW eTendering.  The documentation for a professional service contracts may be supplied on CD or downloadable from NSW eTendering. A suitable web browser and Adobe Acrobat Reader are required to read the documents on the CD.

Obtain a tender CD

To obtain a tender CD in relation to a Request for Tender (RFT) listed on NSW eTendering, complete the following steps:

Log onto eTendering NSW and locate the RFT:

  1. Click on the Tender number or ‘More’ to go to the next screen containing a full description.
  2. Click on ‘ORDER A CD/HARDCOPY.
  3. Enter your email details and password if you are already registered, or click on ‘new registration’ to register.
  4. In the Login/Register screen displaying your personal details, check the details and click on ‘Continue’. (Edit the details if necessary).
  5. Enter your payment details.
  6. When you have successfully completed the payment, click on the link PLEASE CLICK THIS LINK TO COMPLETE THE TRANSACTION, – and follow the prompts to complete the CD order.
    The CD will be sent out within a few days. You will also receive notification, via email, when an addendum to the tender is published on RMS eTender.

Lodging a response

Tender responses can be lodged in hard copy or electronically via NSW eTendering as stated in the Request for Tenders. Detailed instructions on how to respond electronically are provided on a per tender basis. Roads and Maritime encourages contractors to submit tender responses electronically.

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