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23-10-2017: Traffic Signal Design Appendix B Traffic Signal Symbols has been updated including symbols for pedestrian countdown timers, TIRTL detectors, camera housings and post types.

28-7-2017: TS-TN-019 Specification of Vehicle Group Operation has been republished with a correction to the flowchart in section 6.15.

3-7-2017: TTD 2017/002 Special purpose lanes for trams - signage and line marking. This technical direction provides guidance on the signs and line marking required to mark special purpose lanes for trams. Relevant road rules and standards have been referenced to help planners and practitioners understand the traffic management context in which the trams will operate when on-road.

Note:  Because of the difficulty in keeping links up to date, Roads and Maritime is systematically removing hyperlinks to other documents from all its traffic documents. Roads and Maritime traffic documents can be found on the website. If you have difficulty finding any traffic documents, please email technical.directions.publication@rms.nsw.gov.au.

Latest releases

2017 revisions to Roads and Maritime Traffic Sign Database

1-3-2017: The following sign has been added to the Roads and Maritime Traffic Sign Database to enable parking authorities to dedicate parking spaces for electric vehicles to park while charging.  The new sign includes the following text:

2017 updates


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