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Name of Item Martin Bridge over the Manning River
Item Number 4300300
Type of Item Built
Item Sub-Type Steel Truss
Address **** Old Pacific Highway Taree 2430
Local Government Area Taree 
Owner Local Government
Current Use Road bridge
Former Use Road bridge


Statement of significance

Statement of significance Listed on the Greater Taree Local Environmental Plan 1995 as an item of local significance.
Date Significance Updated 18 November 2005



Designer ****
Builder ****
Construction years **** - 1940
Physical description 11 span steel and concrete bridge spanning 1518 feet.
Physical Condition
Archaeological Potential
Modifications and dates ****
Date condition updated ****



Historical notes Tenders called in 1937. Construction commenced in 1938 and the bridge was officially opened in May 1940. It was later renamed after L.O Martin - Minister for Works and Local Government at the time of construction. The final cost was 97,000 pounds. The bridge replaced punts at Taree and Tinonee. It originally had a lifting span with two concrete counter balances. It represented a major change in road transport and the transition from river to road.



Heritage Listing Reference Number Gazette Number Gazette Page
Heritage Act - s.170 NSW State agency heritage register       
Local Environmental Plan  Martin Bridge, Pacific Highway  97  4167 


Assessment of Significance

Historical Significance ****
Historical Association ****
Aesthetic/Technical Significance ****
Social Significance ****
Research Significance ****
Rarity ****
Representativenes ****
Integrity/Intactness ****
Assessed Significance Local




Type Author Year Title


Study details

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Custom fields

Roads and Maritime Services Region Hunter
Bridge Number 1800
CARMS File Number ****
Property Number Bridge
Conservation Management Plan ****



Martin Bridge over the Manning River
Martin Bridge over the Manning River