Black Spots


Black spot programs target road locations where crashes occur. Councils can seek funding for treatment of black spots from either the Australian Government’s black spot program or the NSW Government’s black spot program.

Federal Black Spot Program

The Federal black spot program has been introduced as part of the Australian Government's commitment to reduce crashes on Australian roads. By funding initiatives such as traffic signals and roundabouts at dangerous locations, the program reduces the risk of crashes. Programs of this sort are very effective, saving the community many times the cost of relatively minor road improvements that are implemented.
The Australian Government has extended the program until 30 June 2018.
Roads and Maritime Services administers (on behalf of the Australian Government) the Federal black spot program in NSW. This includes:
  • Reviewing all NSW black spot nominations received against the eligibility criteria
  • Undertaking an economic assessment of the proposed treatment
  • Preparing a summary of the nominations received to present to the NSW Black Spot Consultative Panel for consideration
  • Day to day administration of the program (including reimbursing councils for works completed upon successful completion within agreed scope and cost).

NSW Black Spot Program

The NSW Government also funds a black spot program. Its objective is to reduce the occurrence and severity of crashes at known crash locations by installing cost effective treatments.
Any unsuccessful conforming nominations in the Federal black spot program will be automatically considered for the NSW Government’s black spot program. Councils do not need to re-submit the same nomination again.
For information on how to apply for Federal and State black spot funding and for the timeline for black spot nominations refer to the "Applying for funding" form below.


For further information on the Federal black spot program click here.
For details of the NSW Government’s black spot program as detailed in the Memorandum of Understanding click here.

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