Local Government Road Safety Program


The Local Government Road Safety Program (LGRSP), implemented in 1992, has evolved to include 77 road safety officers employed in full or part time positions across 89 councils. The NSW Centre for Road Safety (CRS) has committed funding for the LGRSP until 30 June 2012.
The CRS funds local councils to deliver road safety community behavioural and educational projects to their residents and to raise the profile of road safety within their councils.

'Road Safety 2010', the Government's strategic framework for improving road safety in NSW provided the impetus for local government to further contribute to the delivery of road safety outcomes at community level. By developing effective, coordinated locally based road safety initiatives, the program addresses specific road safety issues in local communities.

The LGRSP is administered by Roads and Maritime Services regional officers who, with support from corporate program managers, provide guidance and assistance to council road safety officers in the development and implementation of their projects. All road safety officers have access to the LGRSP database which contains project reports for educational and behavioural projects carried out by council road safety officers across NSW.

Local Government Road Safety Grants Pilot Program
In 2008, the CRS commissioned a strategic review of the LGRSP and, following the results of that review, the CRS has introduced a pilot scheme to trial a new strategy for the LGRSP.
The local government road safety projects delivered under the Pilot will continue to focus primarily on behavioural and educational projects and the projects should make a significant contribution towards achieving behaviour change.
Twelve local councils are taking part in the Pilot which will be carried out from 1 August 2010 to 31 July 2011.

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