Roadside Environment Committee

NSW Roadside Environment Committee logoLinear reserves in New South Wales (NSW) include roadsides, Travelling Stock Reserves (TSRs), rail corridors and infrastructure easements (e.g. for electricity lines, gas pipelines).

Apart from covering a large area, the State's linear reserves contain significant biodiversity, including ecological communities that are not protected in national parks, public reserves or private land. In rural areas, linear reserves are often the only remaining intact natural environments in the local region due to past extensive clearing. Linear reserves provide critical wildlife habitat especially when connected to native vegetation remnants and may assist in addressing threats associated with climate change.

In recognition of the value of linear reserves, the NSW Government established the NSW Roadside Environment Committee (REC) in 1994 to promote and coordinate leading practice in linear reserve environmental management across the State. It currently comprises 11 organisations with interests in the management of roadside and other linear reserves in NSW. The REC member organisations are: 

The REC is supported by Roads and Maritime Services and encourages the involvement and cooperation of local councils, State Government agencies and other groups within the community for better management of the ecological, social and economic resources of linear reserves.


The REC has a number of publications to assist in the protection of biodiversity, as well as valuable cultural and economic resources on linear reserves throughout the State. A list of publications can be accessed at Roadside Management documents.

REC Newsletter

The REC newsletter is published on a quarterly basis. Contact the REC Executive Officer below to join the mailing list to receive the REC electronic newsletter or download previous editions of the newsletter from the box below.


Neil Dufty
Executive Officer NSW REC
Phone (02) 9354 0300
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