Don’t forget to stop, revive, survive

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If you’re planning a road trip with your mates during the holidays, be sure to take a break when you see a Driver Reviver.

Driver Reviver sites are there for all motorists and serve a very important purpose for everyone driving over long periods during holidays. Driver Revivers, as they are known, operate throughout Australia to reduce fatigue related crashes on our roads.

Drivers of all ages get tired – even the young and fit - and you may not even be aware that fatigue is eroding your driving skills. So if you’re planning a road trip with your mates during the holidays, be sure to take a break when you see a Driver Reviver.

So what is a Driver Reviver?

A Driver Reviver is a great place to take a break, as you’ll find endless amounts of free tea, coffee and biscuits to help overcome driver fatigue. Some sites also have toilet facilities and offer shade, water and a place to chill. The best part is that you all can just hop out and stretch your legs.

During peak holiday periods, like Christmas, Easter and long weekends, about 80 Driver Reviver Sites operate throughout NSW. A comprehensive list of the operating sites is available on the Centre for Road Safety website two weeks before the holiday period begins. Make sure you check it out to help you plan ahead for your next big road trip

Even though Driver Reviver sites do not operate during the off peak periods, there are still roadside rest areas all over NSW where you can stop and take a break. These locations are listed on the Roads and Maritime Services website.

Some interesting facts you might not know about a Driver Reviver:

  • Driver Reviver is sponsored by Bushells and Arnotts Biscuits.
  • Community groups including Lions, State Emergency Service (SES) and Volunteer Rescue (VRA) run individual Driver Revivers.
  • About 1.1 million people stop at Driver Revivers across Australia each year.
  • Up to 1.7m cuppas & 1.3m snacks are consumed each year.
  • The Driver Reviver program started in 1986 with a handful of sites.

It’s also a good idea to check out our Road Trip Tips before you head off on your big adventure. By finding out where the Driver Reviver sites will be operating on the roads you’ll be travelling on and reading the Road Trip Tips, you can keep you and your mate’s safe and prepare your car for a safe drive.