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 YarnBusters: No Gammin

YarnBusters: No Gammin

YarnBusters: No Gammin is a DVD produced by Transport for NSW. In NSW Aboriginal people are about 1.4 times more likely to be seriously injured in a road crash than non-Aboriginal people. The DVD was produced to increase awareness amongst Aboriginal communities about the benefits of seatbelts, child restraints and the issues to consider before purchasing a vehicle.

Aboriginal Action Plan 2006 - 2010 cover 

Aboriginal Action Plan 2009 - 2012

The Aboriginal Action Plan 2009 - 2012 influenced research and improved planning and services that Roads and Maritime Services delivers to Aboriginal communities across NSW. The plan gives Roads and Maritime Services staff and customers knowledge, support and direction in delivering exeptional customer service to Aboriginal communities.

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Service delivery

Roads and Maritime Services has a dedicated Aboriginal Programs Team across our six regions to help deliver road safety and licensing programs to targeted Aboroginal communities. They also help manage Roads and Maritime Services business, legislative and social responsibilities relating to Aboriginal cultural heritage when planning, building and maintaining the NSW road network.

Flints and spear heads 

Aboriginal heritage & road works

As an organisation that constructs new roads and bridges and maintains thousands of kilometres of road network, Roads and Maritime Services needs to manage the impact of its activities on Aboriginal cultural heritage and meet its legislative responsibilities in an appropriate, practical and culturally sensitive manner.

Roads and Maritime Services aboriginal staff 


Roads and Maritime Services has a long history of employing Aboriginal people in its workforce. We have Aboriginal people working in motor registries, call centre, regional offices, head office, road crews, and school crossing traffic controllers and on the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

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Licensing and registration

Roads and Maritime Services is responsible for the testing and licensing of drivers and registering and inspecting vehicles.  This site provides you with helpful information to meet Roads and Maritime Services requirements for driver licensing and registration.