Motorcycle Safety

Severe head and brain injuries often occur in motorcycle accidents. To reduce the seriousness of head injuries motorcyclists must wear approved helmets. Protective clothing such as leather pants, jacket, gloves and covered boots can reduce the severity of injuries sustained in an accident. Read more >> 

Learner rider licence

Information on how to get a learner rider licence. Read more >> 

Motorcycle riders training scheme

The Motorcycle Rider Training Scheme is a program involving training and testing which is specifically designed to help people gain basic riding skills before riding on the road. Read more >>  

Approved motorcycles for novice riders

A list of all motorcycles that can be ridden by learner and provisional riders. It's your responsibility to make sure that you're riding an approved motorcycle. If you're a learner or provisional rider don't ride a motorcycle that is not on this list. Read more >> 

Training and test courses

Information on the Motorcycle Operator Skills Test. Read more >> 

Motorcycle riders knowledge test

Driver knowledge test questions for motorcycle class R and class R with special mobility vehicle. Study the questions online or download them to your computer. Read more >> 

Training centres

A list of motorcycle training centres in metropolitan Sydney and regional NSW.  Read more >> 

Motorcycle rider’s handbook

Important information about riding techniques, coping with hazards and selecting and maintaining your motorcycle. Read more >>