Kiteboarding safety education project

In December 2014 Roads and Maritime Services piloted the ‘Safe Kiteboarding - Be in the CLEAR’ public information to increase awareness among kiteboarders using the Botany area, of the NSW maritime regulations relating to kiteboarding.

Roads and Maritime is now carrying out research on the public information to improve safety education and how it is communicated to the NSW community.

Obtaining feedback from kiteboarders who frequent Botany is a valuable part of the review process. Your feedback is important to us and we would appreciate you completing the following survey.

The survey should take around five minutes to complete. Your responses are voluntary and will be kept confidential. Responses will not be identified by the individual. All responses will be compiled together and analysed as a group.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Tracey Cummings on 02 8588 5933 or email

Thank you.

If the survey doesn't display above, use this link to access the survey: Kiteboarding safety education program - survey.

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