Getting a full driver licence

After you have held your provisional (P2) driver licence for the minimum required period you can upgrade to a full driver licence by passing the Driver Qualification Test (DQT). See Provisional (P2) driver licence for information.

If you have moved to NSW from interstate or another country, see New drivers to NSW for more information.

Plan ahead – your card may be posted to you

We’re changing the way we print and issue photocards. At certain locations, when you apply for a licence, your card will be posted to you at no extra cost.

When you apply for or renew your licence you will be given a paper receipt. The receipt will act as proof of licence status until your new photo licence arrives.

See Centralised photocard printing for more information.

What is the Driver Qualification Test (DQT)?

The DQT is a combination of an advanced hazard perception test and a further test of knowledge on road rules and safe driving. To find more information about the DQT and practise building your skills online go to the Driver Qualification Test section of this website.