Approved course providers

The following are Roads and Maritime Services approved providers of driving instructor training for Car (TLI41210 Certificate IV in transport and Logistics -  Road Transport Driving Instruction), Heavy Vehicle and Motorcycle instructors. Qualifications issued by non-approved course providers will not be recognised, as the courses may not have been conducted to the standard required by Roads and Maritime Services.

Car instructors NSW

  • 121 Driver Training Pty Ltd, 0407 938 398
  • ACT (Australian Construction and Transport) Training, 1300 561 223
  • DARE, Driver and Rider Education, 1800 111 424
  • Further Education Training and Assessment Pty Ltd 0412 772 203
  • PVET Institute, (02) 9418 8953
  • RLI Training Pty Ltd
  • Trent Education, (02) 9591 1839

Heavy Vehicle instructors

  • ACT (Australian Construction and Transport) Training, 1300 561 223
  • Applied Training Solutions, (02) 8787 5870
  • DARE, Driver and Rider Education, 1800 111 424
  • Further Education Training and Assessment Pty Ltd 0412 772 203
  • Lewelmo Pty Ltd, T/A United Transport Solutions(02) 4225 8824
  • RLI Training Pty Ltd

Motorcycle instructors

  • HART, Honda Australia Roadcraft Training, (02) 9144 5725.
  • Stay Upright Motorcycle Techniques, (02) 8824 9980.
  • Ride it Right Motorcycling Techniques, (02) 4962 3717
  • Wheel-Skills p/l, (02) 6687 9222

Interstate training providers

Note: Roads and Maritime Services will only recognise TLI41210 Certificates issued by interstate Recognised Training Organisation (RTOs) that have current service provider deeds with the driver licensing regulator in that state.

Interstate recognised providers


  • Transport Industry Skill Centre (TISC), (02) 6297 7187


Queensland providers are located on the Queensland website

Northern Territory

  • Industries Services Australia, (08) 8942 7000
  • PVET Institute, 0410 614 389

South Australia

South Australian providers are located on the SA website.

Western Australia

  • Jasmonie Pty Ltd trading as Miro Training Centre, (08) 9459 5666

Heavy vehicle, older driver and motorcycle training/assessing schemes

The Heavy Vehicle Competency Based Assessment (HVCBA), older driver assessor and motorcycle rider training/assessing schemes operate under organisational contracts/agreements with Roads and Maritime Services. Instructors wanting to work in the HVCBA, older driver, or motorcycle rider training/assessing schemes must be employed by an organisation with a Roads and Maritime Services contract/agreement. Instructors in these schemes are required to undertake further training and assessments in addition to the requirements listed above. Information on these requirements can be obtained from Roads and Maritime Services by emailing or

Applicants for the HVCBA or older driver assessor courses must hold prior to enrolment in the course the relevant instructor licence and certificates for either;

  • TAEASS401 Plan assessment activities and processes, and TAEASS402 Assess competence, or
  • TAAASS401 Plan and organise assessment and TAAASS402 Assess competence, or an approved equivalent.

NOTE: As from 1/1/2012 all new HVCBA providers will be required to be Registered Training Organisations (RTO's). Current providers will be able to continue under existing agreements until 1/1/2013 after which all HVCBA providers will require RTO status.

Interstate instructors

Under the Mutual Recognition Act driving instructors moving to NSW who hold a driving instructor licence in another state can apply for a NSW instructor licence without the need for additional training. Applicants must complete forms 1001, 239 and 532.

Instructor behaviour

Roads and Maritime Services is committed to protecting the rights and wellbeing of the community. Immediate action will be taken against any instructor who is believed to be behaving in a corrupt or inappropriate manner. Under the Driving Instructors Act 1992 and its Regulation any instructor found guilty of corrupt or inappropriate behaviour may be liable to fines, suspension, loss of licence or prosecution.

Further information on instructor licence requirements can be obtained by contacting Roads and Maritime Services on 13 22 13