Getting a licence

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Car licences

With statistics showing that young drivers, aged 17-25 years, are more likely to be involved in crashes resulting in death or injury than other drivers, the NSW licensing system has been designed to produce safe and efficient drivers and riders.

A graduated licensing scheme for car drivers was introduced to give novice drivers the chance to safely build experience on the road and improve driving skills as they move from a learner to a full licence. The minimum time to move from a learner licence, at the minimum age of 16, to a full licence is four years. Go to the learner licence page for an overview of the licensing system.

Motorcycle licences

Compulsory motorcycle rider training is in place across NSW. In areas with a training centre, people who want a motorcycle licence must satisfactorily complete prelearner training before a learner licence will be issued. Go to the motorcyle page for details of the licensing system for riders.

Special conditions for L and P drivers and riders

Special licence conditions apply for learner and provisional drivers and riders. For more information, see Special conditions for L and P drivers and riders.

If you're a young driver, visit GEARED to find out everything you need to know about getting and keeping your licence.

Heavy vehicle licences

There are different classes of licence depending on the kind of heavy vehicle you wish to operate. For information on the different classes of licence, and to find details about heavy vehicle testing and competency based assessment, go to the heavy vehicle page.

Licences and registrations issued by unauthorised organisations

A number of organisations claim that they can provide motor vehicle registrations and driver licences, including so-called ‘100-year driver licences’ and ‘perpetual vehicle registrations’.

Under NSW Legislation Roads and Maritime Services is the only vehicle registration and driver licensing authority in NSW. See Licence and registration warning for more information.


Motor vehicle emissions are the main source of air pollution in urban centres and the fuel they burn is a major contributor to climate change.

The DriveGreen calculator was developed to encourage NSW drivers to counteract their carbon emissions and drive green through the purchase of a wide range of carbon offsets. It calculates the amount of greenhouse gases that are emitted from your car each year. Read more »